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Virginians elected Glenn Youngkin to put a stop to the nonsense of the woke liberals. But, they have been unwilling to retreat or relent on implementing their extreme agenda. Now, they're going after George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison in their continued efforts to indoctrinate children attending our public schools. They want to diminish our history and weaken our schools. I've been fighting the woke liberal agenda for years.

As a member of Stafford's Board of Supervisors, I oversaw our county's job growth rating soar to the top in the state. We successfully cut personal property taxes while strengthening our bond ratings to AAA. And, I led the effort to repeal the BPOL tax, which reduces job growth by burdening small and family-owned businesses.


As your Republican Delegate, I will be a strong voice for our conservative principles and traditional values in Richmond. I will fight the woke liberals’ agenda. I will oppose tax increases and wasteful spending schemes. I will ensure our police are funded and respected. I will get politics out of our classrooms and protect our Founding Fathers' legacy. I'll stand up for innocent human life. I will work to enforce our immigration laws. And, I'll fight the liberals' unending efforts to undermine your 2nd Amendment rights.


I will make my candidacy to represent Stafford in the Virginia House of Delegates official after the November 8 elections. I want to earn your support and your vote.


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