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With two adult children who attended Stafford public schools, Paul MIlde is committed to ensuring a world class education for all students. During his time on the Stafford Board of Supervisors, Paul voted for budgets that raised the pay of Stafford’s teachers. He also voted to build Anne E. Moncure Elementary and Shirley C. Haim Middle Schools, and to authorize funding for major renovations to several schools. And, Paul was a strong voice for categorically funding the School Board, which would ensure taxpayer dollars went directly into the classrooms – not to administrators and school bureaucracies.

To ensure all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, Paul Milde supports giving parents a choice in the school their child attends. Paul favors Virginia enacting a law similar to Arizona’s, which rebates parents who choose non-public schools a portion of the cost of alternative learning programs/schools. For parents who select traditional public schools for their children, Paul favors targeting increased educational spending directly in classrooms.

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